Rhythm of Eating Paintings

Original artwork by Kylie Mitchell. Only one of each available.

A huge part of recovering from one's disordered eating is eating consistently throughout the day. However, normal eating is flexible eating, so this art was inspired by that. Each squiggly lines represent meals (taller peak) and snacks (littler peak) eaten throughout a day. The squiggly lines vary in number and size of peaks to represent that hunger isn't always the same...but it can be trusted and honored.

*Since these are art pieces, they are perfectly imperfect. Meaning, there are paint smudges on some, so make sure you look the piece over before you buy to make sure you’re okay with the “imperfections”.

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Warm A | 9" x 12" | $48

Warm B | 9" x 12" | $48

Warm C | 9" x 12" | $48

Cool A | 9" x 12" | $48

Cool B | 9" x 12" | $48

Cool C| 9" x 12" | $48

Warm a

Warm B

warm c

Cool a

cool b

cool c

houston, Texas