Soft + Strong Baseball Cap

SOFT + STRONG  |  A dichotomy in diet culture’s eyes. Despite what society tells us, you can be soft and strong. They are not separate entities. You can have jiggly thighs that are still capable of carrying you on a mountainous hike. You can have tummy rolls and be able to hold a plank. You can be the size your body needs to be and still possess strength.

This doesn’t just apply to our physical appearance, but to our mental strength as well. It could look like being compassionate and caring, but setting appropriate boundaries. It could look like saying thank you to compliments that you don’t necessarily believe about yourself. It could look like laying in shavasana while the rest of the yogis are holding a pose that your body just isn’t feeling. Don’t ever let society tell you that you have to look a certain way to possess strength. You already have it in you. 


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Cap Details: Distressed navy blue baseball cap with "Soft + Strong" embroidered on the back. One size.

houston, Texas